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ahhh, the elusive vegan chef job. Well, here is our list of jobs, we try to keep it up-to-date as best we can, some jobs may be with vegetarian establishments. If this is an issue for you do enquire when you contact them. And Good Luck from The VCN team!

    • PART-TIME VEGAN CHEF, London, UK. Click here for further details
    • MASS MARKET (fomerly October Cafe), London, UKOver the coming weeks, we will be changing from a vegan tea shop to the UK’s first all-vegan market – “Mass Market”.  This is a new and exciting development in an excellent location to attract the vegan market and also non-vegans from the many offices in Clerkenwell/Old Street who pass by every day and who already patronise the extremely popular Whitecross Street Market nearby.

Mass Market will be a vibrant and creative space created and influenced by the stallholders.  Selling all-vegan foods from soups and sushi to chocolates and cakes and featuring music and special events, it will be a vehicle to give independent producers an opportunity to get involved in food retail and reach a wide market.


We are looking for individuals making their own foods with their own identity to trade within the market, designing their own pitch to reflect their brand.


The cost of a pitch is £450 per month paid in advance and there will be no more than seven pitches.  If you use your stall every day this equates to about £15 per day, which is more than competitive!  There is a minimum commitment of one month and at present no daily rates.  We are expecting a lot of interest and there are a limited number of pitches so please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested.


A pitch in the indoor market approximately 5 x 3 foot, a tabletop stall, inclusion on the website, marketing and promotion, public liability cover, all rent and rates included, private refuse collection, secure storage in basement wall space of pitch to personalise your stall.  You will need to bring your own food ready-prepared and napkins, cutlery etc.

The market will be open Monday to Friday from 11am to 6pm and weekends from noon to 6pm.

To secure your place please email